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The Catch Your Money Show

Nov 18, 2020

Have you discovered your calling, but you still question yourself every step along the way of fulfilling that calling? Although you know what is meant for you, you may need to learn how to confidently operate in your calling in order to find clarity and success for your business.

All too often, I see clients who have discovered their calling but still struggle to actually work within it. Because they lack clarity and confidence, they are unable to move forward with the work they are destined to do.

So for this week’s episode, I invited Yolanda King from She’s Called and Confident to talk to you about how to find the confidence you need to start. She is here to discuss all of things that may be wrecking your confidence while trying to operate in your calling.

If you are lacking the confidence you need to move forward in your calling, you need to listen to what Yolanda has to offer. She will teach you how to start eliminating the blockages you’re experiencing and help you find a way to confidently operate in your calling.

Are you ready to level up in your confidence and in your business?

Here’s a sneak peek of the convo:

  • [2:59] Yolanda describes the path God led her down that eventually led her to operate in her calling.
  • [11:09] Your business is only going to be able to grow as far as you’re willing to do this one thing.
  • [16:03] Four simple steps Yolanda suggests for anyone struggling to discover their calling.
  • [24:00] Why people struggle with confidence.
  • [30:18] How a lack of confidence actually robs you from living the life God has designed for you.
  • [36:16] Strategies for you to start leveling up in your confidence.
  • [43:02] Why taking action is the most important step in operating in your calling.

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