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The Catch Your Money Show

Oct 28, 2020

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Understanding the power of discerning debilitating thoughts and transitioning them to new beliefs is key to seeing the breakthrough you have been desiring for so long.

For me, I was unaware that there were specific wrong beliefs that were legit keeping me stuck at the same level - until God shined a flashlight on some things that I was believing that were not serving me or my business at all.

And I’m willing to bet that some, if not all of them, are impacting you are your business from leveling up too.

So what are these beliefs that need to shift? I’m so glad you asked - ha ha - because that is EXACTLY what I am sharing with you on this week’s Catch Your Money’s Podcast show. 

“When you're leveling up, you cannot take your old self into your new self” - Laura Royer

In this week’s episode, I detail seven beliefs that I’ve been working on changing for myself and share how you can transform your mind with me. Although these beliefs are my own, they’re certainly not unique to me. I’m confident you’ll relate to at least ONE of them if not most - and if you do, then my friend PLEASE let me help you switch that stinking thinking into right thinking. 

Shifting your mindset can be a difficult process. In all honesty, I am still working through this myself, but I’ve had plenty of help along the way.

So if you are serious about leveling up in your business, then listen to this week’s episode. It is time for you to begin understanding the power of embracing new beliefs.

Here’s a sneak peek of the convo:

  • [1:20] The importance of listening to God while going through a dry season.
  • [3:14] How perfection can literally block ALL of your success.
  • [7:26] Why getting things done quickly is not the BEST way to get things done.
  • [11:22] This ONE THING is the key to business success and your ability to level up.
  • [15:01] What you need to do when you’re lacking clarity and direction.
  • [22:11] Why you need to understand that everything you’ve achieved was not actually achieved by you alone.
  • [27:47] The things you’ve done in the past for success may not be the same things you need to do for your future successes.
  • [32:02] Focusing on quantity versus quality.
  • [35:59] The questions you need to ask yourself to begin embracing new beliefs.

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